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East Devon Beekeepers at the
Axe Vale Festival, 2017.

The 23rd Axe Vale Festival was held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June at the Showground on Trafalgar Way, Axminster.  For this year it has been given a new look and East Devon Beekeepers were positioned right next to the main arena giving us more people coming in to have a look at our exhibits.

The weather was fine and warm with blue skies and blistering heat.  Fortunately the organisers had allocated us a north-facing pitch, but it was just as well we had arranged to have two observation hives, one for each day, to reduce the stress on the bees.

Mary Boulton’s display on ‘Food for Bees, Nectar and Pollen’ caught many people’s eye while youngsters were encouraged to have a go at the competition answering questions about bees and bee behaviour.

The Nectar & Pollen Display

Stewards were also asked a lot of questions about the Asian hornet which was featured on a separate display.

There seems to be a wide awareness of the impending alien invasion with concerns as to how beekeepers are going to manage and whether pest controllers will be able to keep the hornet under control.

To cap off a successful show we were delighted to meet the Show Chairman and Secretary bearing gifts -  First Prize for the Best Charity Stand.  We were presented with the Axe Skips Trophy and a generous donation to our funds.  Well done to all those East Devon members who organised this year’s event.

Some of the stewards with the award

The Axe Skips Trophy


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