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East Devon Beekeepers AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM was held on 3rd November, a cold and damp evening, but this did not deter 48 members from turning out to take part in the activities.

The first part of the evening was taken up with the AGM reports, election of officers and committee members.

Notably, Richard Simpson stepped down as Chairman after 5 years service. Hilary Kirkcaldie, President, gave an amusing address describing Richard’s qualities alphabetically starting with good Administrator and ending with Zest for beekeeping, taking in Enthusiastic, Generous, Motivational, Swarm collector, and Team builder.

Val Bone, Secretary, then presented Richard with a gift to show the members’ appreciation of all he has done for the group over the last five years.

John Badley was elected as the new Chairman. Keith Bone stays as Treasurer and Val Bone remains as Secretary. After all the other officers had been elected the meeting concluded with the presentation of Basic Exam certificates. Ollie Adams (not present) and Barbara McKinna (right) were both successful, with Ollie winning the Craythorne Cup, awarded for the candidate with the highest points in the Basic Exam.

After the AGM the assembled company were requested to taste-test samples of honey cookery provided by members of East Devon branch. It is hoped that the recipes judged the best will be put before the Honiton Show committee for consideration as new items in the cookery classes.

According to the voting, (in reverse order), the top five baking entries were:
  Apple, honey, cinnamon and nut cake. 
  Devonshire Honey Cake
  Orange and Honey Drizzle Cake
  Honey Carrot cake Muffins
  Apricot, Pistachio and Honey Flapjacks, being the runaway winner.

Finally, Peter West was on hand to present information concerning the expected invasion by the Asian Hornet. The National Bee Unit has already put out posters and instructions for making hornet traps and these were on display.

There was an enthusiastic response from members with many saying they wished to be prepared and making simple traps was an easy way to help protect their bees. Plans can also be found on the website front page and over the coming months the committee will be putting together more information to ensure East Devon members are fully aware of the potential threat to their colonies.

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Winter Varroa treatment - Api-Bioxal.   Message from Peter West

Treatment around Christmas / beginning of January aims to catch the Varroa when there is no brood for Varroa to hide in. Note: Api-Bioxal solution may have a slight brown tinge. Nothing to worry about.


The solution should not be too cold, nearer blood heat would be good.  The day can be frosty with the bees well clustered.

Ideally draw up 50ml solution in a syringe.

Have a lit smoker handy (but should not be needed if crown board removed very carefully).

Between the brood frames are 'seams' of bees. Use 5ml for each seam of bees.  Only treat the bees, do not put the solution down empty seams/gaps.  So if there are only 4 seams of bees only use 20 ml.

Practice with water beforehand so that you know how to deliver 5 ml along each seam.  I find that 5 ml is a continuous series of little drops.

If you have a super on top of the brood box and you know the cluster is below it, you can remove the super gently to treat the bees.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Productive New Beekeeping Year!  Peter


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