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Beekeeping for Beginners Course 2017.  Note: This course has now completed. We hope to organise a similar event next year. Watch this space.

East Devon Branch of Devon Beekeepers’ Association

Full tuition, practical experience and mentor support to help you get started.

Course Coordinator: Richard Simpson, 07900 492 242, education@edbk.co.uk

The course will begin in the classroom, moving to outdoor practical experience once the weather permits.  Meeting dates will be on Saturday mornings initially, starting with 28th January at 10am.   Approx 2hr per session.  Subsequent dates will be 4th Feb, 18th Feb, 4th Mar, 18th Mar, 25th Mar then either Saturday 1st Apr or Sunday 2nd Apr at your choice.  The venue will be at our new Apiary Building at Hunthay Farm, EX13 5RJ, between Kilmington and Axminster (see Maps).

The cost will be £95 which includes the initial course, plus:

There is a discounted rate of £45 for second members of the same household, if applicable, as they will not get another book or magazine copies.

The course is aimed at people with no, or very little, previous experience and is designed to enable you to take your first steps in beekeeping with the benefit of tuition and support.

In the first instance please contact the Course Coordinator, Richard Simpson, see details above.

The Beginners Course consists of approximately 14 hours of classroom tuition covering all the basic aspects of beekeeping, followed by summer sessions at the branch apiary. The course topics include:

This will be followed by ‘hands on’ sessions in the Branch Apiary starting 8th April, weather permitting.

The 2017 honey cake competition prizewinners

Thanks to Kath West and Helen Bithrey for coming along to do the judging.

1st Duncan Mackinder          2nd Justin Nuttall          3rd Paula Collingwood


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