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Insert inner wall pieces into grooves in outer wall pieces.

For supers with a frame spacer saw cut, the cut should be at the top and nearest to the outside (see diagram).

Push locking bars into the rebates, bevelled bar at the bottom (see cross section).

Adjust the inner walls to be flush with the rebates in the locking bars (see cross section).

Nail through outer walls into inner walls as shown with 50mm (2”) nails.

Nail locking bars to outer walls as shown with 50mm nails.

Nail locking bars from inside using 35mm (1½) nails.

Check the box is square (diagonals are equal).

Attach the runners using brass escutcheon pins to give correct bee space.

A water proof glue can be used on joints if desired.


Remove the wedge from the top bar.

Assemble the top bar, side bars and
one bottom bar.

Side bars have the groove on the inside.

Nail as shown - 2 nails for each side bar,
and nail bottom bar up through side bar
when nailing Hoffman frames.

Bend over long wire loops of foundation.

Slide foundation along grooves onto top bar.

Nail the wedge onto the top bar, trapping
the bent wires.

Nail through each loop of wire at a slight angle.

Fit and nail the second bottom bar.

When assembling Hoffman self-
spacing frames, ensure the two
‘V’ shaped edges are in the
same orientation as the diagram.


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